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Easylinkin supports Alibaba build LoRaWAN Metropolitan Area Network

Jan 26-2021

In March 2018, Alibaba Cloud released the first commercialized LoRaWAN city-level network. The network is completed by Easylinkin, Alibaba Cloud's core partner. Easylinkin is the only gateway provider for Hangzhou LoRaWAN city-level network.

Easylinkin G500 gateway is the first certified full-duplex LoRaWAN gateway with lightning protection design and has passed more than two years of high salt, high humidity tests and extreme cold conditions. The gateway can be installed and online within 30 minutes. In China, Easylinkin has deployed LoRaWAN networks in more than 100 cities, and the gateway has been sold in most countries/regions around the world.