Smart Facility

Traditional property management’s ways is not only high staff costs but also inefficient. To upgrade the property management mode with LPWAN wireless technology, to control the fire, access control, environmental monitoring, parking, hydropower acquisition in the residential area or office building, and centralized management in the same platform. Easylinkin uses LoRa that is most proven technology in LPWAN to provide complete networking products and technical solutions for property management.

Reduced personnel cost: Replace the traditional manual way with wireless way, realize automatic intelligence remote transmission and early warning, reduce the labor cost by a large margin.

Improve management efficiency: Can find the fault node of the property on time,reduce property management pressure,improve the satisfaction of owners.

Convenient networking and later maintenance: Without the need to perforate the wall, it is convenient and convenient to realize the cloth net and the later maintenance.

Strong network expansion capability: After the establishment of a property management network, different property management projects can be expanded synchronously or in batches.