Smart Metering

The traditional method of electric meter reading is being subverted by LPWAN technology because of labor costs, measurement complexity and many other difficulties. Easylinkin uses LoRa that is most proven technology in LPWAN, provides a complete network product and technical solution for the information collection and data analysis of industrial electricity and living electricity.

Improve collection efficiency, real-time visibility: no need to enter the building, automatic statistics of electricity consumption in the background, reduce the cost of manual meter reading.

The measurement data are accurate and improve the data quality: avoid the problem of data delay, error and data acquisition, so as to make scientific decision.

Convenient networking and post maintenance: no need to perforate the wall, it is convenient and convenient to realize the cloth net and later maintenance, expansion and other functions.

Electric power equipment patrol inspection, reduce the power hidden trouble: besides the meter measurement collection, can detect the current and voltage, reduce the hidden danger of equipment.